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Wetu Kenya Safari – your Life Adventure

Is there anything more exiting than a Kenyan safari, where you feel the wind blowing through your hair while standing in an open top safari jeep. The sun is barely up and your guide presses a finger to his lips signaling silence because he has spotted something … less than a few feets away lions are sprawling out without a care in the world.

A safari feeling, that you cannot put into other words than a magical Kenyan adventure. An experience, which will definitely keep in your heart as one of your life’s most exciting moments.

Hi and welcome to Kenya.

My name is Nancy Wangari. I was born here in Kenya and have experienced my country’s wilderness, fascinating wildlife and beautiful beaches with my own eyes. We at WETU Adventrue Safaris Kenya, an official registered safari operator in Nairobi, want you to make the most out of your trip or expedition … and this is why this website is packed with lots of useful information and expert guiding.


Our aim is to offer direct contact with the wildlife, nature and local population. We do not offer just the standard luxury resort and nature park safaris packages, but also real expeditions for the adventures minded, who love to explore new and unkown trails. Suggested itineraries are provided as guidlines for our clients, and with expert advice, we can plan and fine-tune the itinerary best fitting your time and budget available.

Some of our highlights

Private homestays/Hostels: If you are a traveller, who likes to discover on your own and to plan your own adventure, then this arrangement best suits you budget. You can also consider a “working farm safari”, which is a source of great joy, enlightment and a pleasurable adventure. You will be guest  at a farm, local community or ranch and actively participate in the daily life of the Kenyans.

Finest Hotels, lodges and tented camps in the cities and out in the bush. We will take you through an unforgettable adventure to see the “Big Five” animals in the jungle: Lions, Leopards, Elephants, Buffalos and Rhinos. Other highlights are the “Pink Lakes” of Nakuru, famous for the millions of Flamingos, and white water rafting in various rivers in Kenya and trekkings to the “Mount Kenya”.

“Women for Women” Safari, our speciality. As the name already states, this safari designed for female travellers helping them get an indeepth inside view into the Kenyan culture, women’ s affairs and how they survive in the nature and with the wildlife.

At the Kenyan coast, you will sunbath on the white sandy beaches and enjoy sports like kite flying, scuba diving, Marine fishing, wave surfing while experiencing the favourable climate of Mombasa.

Contact us for any of the above arrangement and we will make your dream adventure come true.

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